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Thursday 5th September 2013


'A Twisted-Summer Nights Dream to inveigle your senses'


Remember remember, it's the fifth of SEPTEMBER.
when Faerie Queenes, do their Mischief and Plot
For they know of no reason, why the partying season should ever be forgot!


Laissez Faire Art, Cult French perfume brand Etat Libre d’Orange and quirky drinking den Loungelover present:


'A Twisted-Summer Night's Dream’


Interactive theatre, directed by Amy Ewbank, tempted and teased, perchance to

please, whilst our senses were encompassed in a decadent whirlwind of fragrances and whimsical artists.


All was not as it seemed in this 'Twisted-Summer Night's Dream'


For more info on participating artists, Tessa Farmer, Wayne Chisnall, Pierluigi Cattili, Natasha Bailey and Adele Morse, please email




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