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Adele Morse, born in South Wales. Studied at the University of East London and The Royal Academy Schools ,London. Recent shows include Anthropology at the Charlie Smith gallery old street. Museum of USSR, VVC Moscow. Morse Is also an experienced taxidermist.


Morse’s work usually takes the form of installation consisting of sound pieces, video, found objects, and sculptural elements.The work reaches out of the artworld and attempts to drag the world back into the gallery via a research based practice.The installations hope to deal with weighty issues: evolution, hierarchical thinking, anthropology, scientific debates/advances and cryptozoology. 


These ways of thinking and associated conventions are anchored around an often absurd central idea. Working with a broad spectrum of experts and enthusiasts she takes on various roles more recently including accompanying an expedition team to the Sumatran Jungle and a slew of public appearances in Russia. All of these often opposing areas are dragged into one space. This creates a cross pollination of old ideas, that structurally support new ones, that travel back out into the various worlds they were influenced by

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